NIKKEI: Are you ready? Get ready.

OANDA:JP225USD   Japan 225
In the screencast I show the evidence of a setup that is approaching, for a nice controlled loss. Loss? Nobody want's to hear about that - but it is exactly what we do!

Key points:
1. Alternate ABCD pattern with a C-point at 50% (Scott Carney criteria).
2. Zone of congestion.
3. Probabilities for the south based on ATR-based indicator and GMMA.
4. Time momentum favouring the bears.
5. Weak bullish rebellion.

I am of course delighted to learn if others have a different perspective based on the technical position.

This post is not a recommendation to short or a prediction. I have labelled it as short because that is potentially what it is.
Comment: There could be trouble ahead - good trouble!
Comment: More trouble!

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