Japanese Currency Index: Harmonic Bottom with RSI Confirmation

TVC:JXY   Japanese Yen Currency Index
There is a Confluence of a Bullish Butterfly and a smaller Bullish Bat visible on the 5-day and Weekly timeframes on the JXY as the RSI ticks out of the oversold zone for the 4th time at this level while making higher lows each time. It would seem as if the JXY is confirming to us that it has reached a Harmonic Bottom and is preparing to rise up to some of the longer-term moving averages, with the highest being at around $89-$95. During this time, we have seen the JXY continue to strengthen against other non-USD currencies, but now it's starting to look like not only will the JXY rise but that the Yen will gain dominance against the Yen, and when this happens, I also expect the JGB Yields to rise significantly. So beyond my forex positions, I will be adding YCS puts to my list of Bullish JPY positions. YCS is a 2x Return of USDJPY so if JPY starts to go up from here, this ETF could really crash down fast.