ZARJPY: My Bearish Speculation Against The JPY Carry Trade

We have some Bearish Divergence on the ZARJPY, but the main reason I entered this trade was to speculate against the JPY Carry Trade and front-run the potential flight we may get back to the Yen if Japanese Yields were suddenly to go up or even become uncapped during the BoJ meeting tonight.

I could have shorted EURJPY, GBPJPY, AUDJPY, or USDJPY instead, but I feel ZARJPY may give a more violent reaction as it is a currency that has generated some of the highest yields vs the JPY thus far, and if that yield were threatened, I think it would move down quite fast compared to the other pairs.

I guess as a side note: This might end up being a Bearish 5-0 in the long run.