Chainlink lost its all time price channel

LINK fell below its all time price channel back in early December 2021, a sign that buyers were exhausted and sellers have dominated the price action.

When such a scenario takes place, the market maker is in control pulling up buy walls at a strategic point in the chart. In this case they protected pre-2021 valuations and went on a buying spree between 15 and 16 USD in confluence with previous support in July and the 1000 EMA on the daily. From that point we have seen a strong reaction upwards with the market maker again in control retracting their sell wall and pushing up their buy wall. With success, traders and investors took the bait and LINK surged over 80% to retest both the price channel and the bull market support band, where price got rejected.

Currently LINK is heading towards the middle of this local range between 28 and 15 USD. Price action will depend on the stock markets across the globe as well as Bitcoin's price action. LINK is one of the most correlated coins with Bitcoin, this creates vulnerability during Bitcoin corrections and relative strength in a Bitcoin dominated uptrend compared to other alts.

Even though we are in a downtrend and LINK is likely to test previous pools of liquidity we haven't seen since December 2020, the king of defi will reappear as one of the most valuable projects in crypto in the future. With many institutional interest in the past years, price action tells us that most early investors took profits and it tells you about the stance of VC's and whales towards the crypto market. Given their average buy ins and their position size, they don't need a 3 figure LINK to make life changing money - and they didn't need it in the first place - they already had it. Their play money went into these projects and heavy profits were taken when retail was buying into the hype.

The institutional backing creates organic price action for LINK, price action that comes with realism and heavy selling when things turn bullish. The very reason many people call their Linky so stinky. What we can conclude - by just looking at LINK - is that the post summer rally in crypto was rather a retrace and part of a corrective impulse. LINK has failed to set a new high and is one of the first altcoins to see summer 2021 valuations. This projects the reality of many other altcoins (most with less fundamental value) of what is about to come. Realistically we could expect a downtrend until Q3 or Q4 of 2022 together with a possible 40-70% correction for LINK. Many other projects would bleed much more and most memes coins - especially the ones outside the top 100 - will fall close to zero.

For LINK however, the future looks bright and a chance to get a VC entry on the oracle provider of crypto should be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat to your portfolio.

IMPORTANT: this is not financial advice, trade or invest based on your own risk and research.
When people tell me I'm unrealistic... Just 4 days later and LINK hit my first zone. To be continued....
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