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BINANCE:LOOMBTC   Loom Network / Bitcoin
Loom Network (LOOMBTC) is showing some good signals on the chart. I can see it going down all the way and completing a 9 count on the TD Sequential, followed by a bounce and now finally a break above EMA10 and some strong resistance (marked by EMA100 on the 4H time frame which was rejected several times in the past).

With more volume needed for a strong move up, we have an opportunity here for 50% profits or more... Let's take a look.

Charts, signals and indicators for Alan Masters Trades

First the daily chart, for your learning and entertainment:
Here I marked a downtrend line with a red dotted line, this trendline has been broken on several time frames (4h, 8h, 12h). It should confirm the daily close, a stronger signal, once today's candles closes.

Please follow me, let me show you a few more things...

- The purple arrow shown on the image marks the bullish divergence between the LOOM price and the MACD. You can also see a bullish crossover on the MACD (blue line crossing up the orange one).
- You can see the MACD, RSI and STOCH all trending up, marked with a curved green arrow.
- Finally, the weekly chart give some clues as well. Plenty of room available for growth and the bounce that followed the steep decline opens the door for a new uptrend to be formed. (Here is the weekly chart: )

Loom Network (LOOMBTC) targets for Alan Masters Trades

(1) 0.0000174
(2) 0.0000214
(3) 0.0000244
(4) 0.0000274
(5) 0.0000324
(6) 0.0000384
(7) 0.0000444

Remember, the 'targets' is where you sell for profits.

Stop loss: Close weekly below 0.0000135.

This is where you stop your loss if the trade goes negative (down) rather than positive (up).

Now, let's close with a message that I hope inspires you to become more healthy and at the same time more wealthy... Namaste.


Health is related to wealth.

If you want more wealth, you need more health.

With more health, you can achieve wealth.

Because health is wealth...

An abundance of health, can be acquired with the love of the self.

The more you love yourself, the more that increases your health.

The more health, the more wealth...

To acquire health do the following:

- Clean water.
- Natural clean foods.
- Exercise (body & mind).
- Natural supplements.
- Nature...

And you are good.

YES! I need, want and accept health...

Because I am going for the wealth!

Trade active
Loom Network (LOOMBTC) targets for Alan Masters Trades

(1) 0.0000174 * Target reached 27-Aug *
(2) 0.0000214 * Next target *
Doing nicely, feel free to buy in anytime. Good potential here.

12H chart:
Once a target is hit, we raise stop loss above buy in price.

You can buy in within this range: 0.0000155 - 0.0000166.
LOOMBTC still looking solid... Everything on the chart:
Trade active:
LOOMBTC potential remains intact.

Daily chart:
- Bear volume decreasing.
- Bull volume increasing (still weekend though).
- Higher low. Up trendline.

On the weekly chart:

- Inverted hammer last week.
- This week might end in another hammer, we will know Monday.
We are on the move again.

- Really good volume and a higher high. This is good news for LOOMBTC.
We hit our first target one more time. LOOMBTC is moving again with good volume... This can be the beginning of a significant move.

LoomBTC is now trading above EMA10 and EMA50 with good volume.

This one is getting ready for a big move:
Great profits already for LOOMBTC holders, we went above our first target and reached 0.0000188.

LOOMBTC has been growing steadily for the past few days.
LOOMBTC is on the move. 1880 is the first challenge followed by 1904. Short term.

With the momentum we have now we are looking at 1940 short term. Let's see how it goes. Next would be our second target which is sitting at 2140 satoshis, which is exactly where we meet with the EMA100 line (blue).

LoomBTC is back in the positive with a nice breakout.

Let me share with you one of our trade signals from AMP, hope you enjoy it.

Loom Network

BUY: 0.0000112 - 0.0000120


(1) 0.0000135
(2) 0.0000145
(3) 0.0000175

STOP: Close daily candle below 0.0000101.

Loom Network

BUY: 0.0000112 - 0.0000120


(1) 0.0000135 - Target hit- 1-Dec (+17%)
(2) 0.0000145 - Target hit- 1-Dec (+26%)
(3) 0.0000175 - Next target.

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