[WTCBTC] Walton Long Trade - Low Risk, High Reward [500%+ PP]

BINANCE:WTCBTC   Walton / Bitcoin
Walton / Waltonchain ( WTCBTC ) went ahead and did a full retrace from its December bull run... No wait, in fact, it retraced all the way back to its September 2017 low. Now, after 8 months of bear action, January through August, we are seeing signals of a trend reversal.

Huge potential here... Over 500% profits potential based on January's all time high... Let's take a look.

Charts, signals & indicators

Here I am sharing the long term chart for Walton (WANBTC):
* You can see here the September 2017 bull run, it lasted 12 days.
* The January 2018 bull run, it lasted 22 days.
* And finally... We have late 2018, we are getting ready for what will come next...

Let's see what the indicators and signals have to say:

- We broke and closed above EMA10 (blue line) with strength and good volume . Today's candle is a bullish candle as well.
- A strong accumulation period can be spotted. MACD bullish divergence plus a young bullish crossover, yet, we still need to get on the bullish side for the MACD .
- RSI hit oversold on the 14th August, which is when the lowest point was hit for most altcoins. After hitting the oversold line (red dotted), it bounced strong and it is trending up now and into the bullish zone (above 50).
- The STOCH now is trending bullish .

The weekly chart:
- It is easier to spot the growth potential for Walton ( WTCBTC ) on the weekly time frame. Take a look at the chart above. You can clearly see a reversal candle followed by a bullish candle, with relatively good volume supporting the growth.
- All the indicators in my charts allow for plenty of room for growth.
- We are hovering around the bottom... Once we are at the bottom, the only place left to go is up.

Note: Notice that all the strong bullish action happens in a few weeks time. When the next bull run is on, remember to sell for profits once we start to hit our targets.

Waltcon (WANBTC) targets by Alan Masters

(1) 0.000660
(2) 0.000758
(3) 0.000824
(4) 0.000902
(5) 0.001060

Stop loss: A close below 0.000420 on the weekly time frame.

Note: "PP" on title stands for Profits Potential.


I accept blessings in my life, that's ok.
I am always thankful, daily, for everything that comes my way.

I am thankful for everything that happens to me that's good. But I am also thankful for everything that happens that people consider bad.
That's the trick... That's the trick if you want to receive blessings... in your life... ALL OF THE TIME.

Be grateful for everything that you already have.
As you are grateful for everything, good or bad, right or wrong, life will always make sure to give you more of what you want.

Comment: Trading channel for WTCBTC:
We can go down all the way to 0.00049 and still be trading within this ascending channel.
Comment: Here is our updated trading channel, we are on the top part of it showing lots of strength:
Comment: Waltcon (WANBTC) targets for Alan Masters Trades

(1) 0.000660 * Target reached 26-Aug. *
(2) 0.000758 * Next target *
(3) 0.000824
(4) 0.000902
(5) 0.001060
Comment: This one has been holding up really nice. Minimum retrace so far.

Here is the 4h chart:
And the daily chart with the ascending channel:
I will update this channel on the next update.

Thanks for reading.

And infinite thanks for your amazing continued support.

Comment: We are still trading within the ascending channel. Looks like the retrace is now complete. WTCBTC is now pushing up again...

Comment: Waltcon (WANBTC) targets for Alan Masters Trades

(1) 0.000660 * Target reached 26-Aug. *
(2) 0.000758 * Target reached 31-Aug. *
(3) 0.000824 * Next target *
(4) 0.000902
(5) 0.001060

Comment: Very nice consolidation, growing nicely within the channel...

This is good easy money trading with Alan Masters Trades.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Comment: WTCBTC continues looking really good with good volume building up. Low bear volume, so we will continue moving up on the next push...

Trade active: Holding strong.

Please trade according to the instructions above...

Thanks for your support.

Comment: We hit two targets for this trade... GREAT PROFITS.
Easy money... PATIENCE IS THE KEY.

We have a an updated trade now for Walton (WTCBTC), you can get updates here:

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