The Marathon Continues: $MARA

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BATS:MARA   Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc.
Since our initial investment in Marathon Digital Holdings MARA in early October 2023 at $7.31, the landscape has dramatically transformed, propelling Mara to a striking $33.77. However, the journey hasn't been devoid of challenges, notably the three-month sideways movement troubling the stock and a pervasive sense of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) among later entrants lacking substantial unrealized gains. This period has ignited queries regarding Marathon's performance divergence from Bitcoin, especially when contrasted with entities like Microstrategy MSTR , which leverages Bitcoin's movements more directly.

The Short Squeeze Anticipation Amidst a Bull Market

A critical aspect influencing Mara's trajectory is the significant short interest, temporarily curtailing its ascent. However, the notion that short sellers could thrive unscathed in a bull market is quickly dispelled when considering the potential for a short squeeze. Market makers are poised on the edge of their seats, anticipating the revelry as Bitcoin aims for the $80-100k mark, setting the stage for a triumphant rally.

The Path to Parabolic Growth

Expectations are set high with a projected parabolic surge leading to an intermediate target of $84, following a minor correction. The ultimate aspiration harks back to the inaugural high of $234 in 2012, a benchmark set at the dawn of Marathon's journey. While this target appears ambitious from the current vantage point, the culmination of a parabolic trend's force could make it a tangible reality. As always, this ideal scenario warrants meticulous analysis at each juncture, with adjustments made as necessary.

Technological Innovations Paving the Way

An unforeseen variable in many analysts' projections is the technological advancements driving Marathon forward. The recent announcement of the MARA 2PIC700 cooling system for Bitcoin mining rigs marks a significant milestone, underscoring Marathon's commitment to innovation in both software and hardware domains. This development not only enhances the operational efficiency of Bitcoin mining activities but also positions Marathon as a frontrunner in adopting and advancing technology within the crypto-mining industry.

Here is a YouTube video of the new cooling system:

In summary, Marathon Digital Holdings presents a compelling narrative of growth, innovation, and resilience. With a keen eye on Bitcoin's trajectory, technological advancements, and the broader market dynamics, Marathon is poised for significant movements. Investors and observers alike should stay attuned for updates, as the journey of Marathon Digital Holdings unfolds in fascinating and potentially lucrative ways.

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On the daily candle, the MACD crossed bullish today and the RSI touched 50. It looks promising :)
Don't get shaken out till halving ;)
The supertrend daily bearish indicator got demolished today at $19.36


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