S&P New All Time Highs - Risky Buy

The Emini and S&P 500 made a new all time high again today, leading many to believe this market is still strong. In some ways it is, but it is more important to realize it is also in a bull flag trading range. This makes it a risky place to buy up here. This is where strong bulls who bought lower will start looking to take profits, and strong bears will start looking to sell for a move down.

Why is it risky to buy now? There is only a 40% chance of a measured move up based on the height of the trading range. And the risk needed to enter now is large (below the bottom of the trading range). There is at least a 50% chance of a test down soon, back into the range. The middle of the trading range is a magnet and will likely get tested before the bull trend continues. Furthermore, if the bears are soon able to create a strong reversal bar for the large wedge , it could increase the probability to 60% for two legs down. If there is a quick and large move up in the next few weeks, it would likely act as a climax and final flag reversal, increasing the likelihood of a sell off.

Dont think just because there is no reversal yet that the market cant or wont sell off. Look at the past two sell offs from this area. They began from bull bars (Jan 18 two bar reversal), or small inconspicuous bars (Sep 18 doji to outside bear bar). But the follow through was strong and fast. Of course, this does not mean a shorter term trader cant buy and make money. Day traders can do many things investors do not or should not. But as far as a long term investment, this is simply not a safe one to buy at the current price level unless you are willing to sit through a deep pullback and scale in. And if you are - why not just wait and buy then?

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