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Welcome to my newest idea about META on the major underlying dynamics that I have spotted in the chart, conditions, and dashboard recently. META has turned out to be one of the most bearish dumpers in the market with a massive bearish pressure momentum wave of over -76.00% to the downside liquidating over 800 positions in the market and elevating a gigantic bearish indication for the whole chart.

The recent trend is looking rather weak because of the massively declining volume which is not supporting this weak uptrend. This means that when a bearish wave to the downside shows up this wave is going to accelerate because the volume of this undercurrent weak uptrend is declining more and more. Especially, with a major supply structure staying between the 290 and 360 levels this is going to have the same bearish origin condition as it has been seen within the massive bearish pressure -76.00% dump.

Investors are losing more and more trust in the stock since huge allegations over several years are not decreasing and it seems that investors are decreasing their stakes and position sizes within the stock. This is underlined by the fact that the volume is decreasing within this weak trend and is not supported by investors because if this should be the case the volume would rise. Taking this into perspective here the underlying increasing attractiveness of the stock is increasing the bearish case and decreasing the bullish case almost completely.

As META is now approaching the upper resistance cluster zones with resistances marked by the upper distribution level together with the supply zone levels that already have been the origin of 800 Billion long liquidations in the past such a breakdown to the downside increases further the more often the META price-action penetrates the lower boundary of the crucial ascending-wedge the higher the possibility for a massive bearish breakout and continuation increases.

Once a breakout below the lower boundary of this gigantic ascending wedge formation has shown up similar to it already formed in the past before META dumped over -76.00% in a massive bearish pressure continuation this is likely to increase the possibility for further bearish momentum to accelerate and META is going to continue with this till support has been reached or till the bearish momentum is so severe that it is going to breakout below the lower boundary and just continues into the direction.

Therefore, it will be necessary to spot the actual wave-development to emerge within the next times and exactly because of this I am continuing to keep the stock in my dashboard watchlist and re-evaluate important changes as well as the major underlying factors once they emerged within the price-action.

In this manner, thank you everybody for watching my analysis about USDJPY. Support from your side is greatly appreciated.

The breakout of the wedge formation on the weekly logarithmic has been completed already, Here is my analysis of it:
UPDATE: META on the local has massive resistance levels within the 300 level also being a level of high-supply.

A pullback from here on is going to accelerate the pullback trend dynamics.
UPDATE: A massively declining investor open interest below the appropriate threshold is going to accelerate a bearish momentum once it emerges.
ANALYSIS UPDATE: META is forming a bear flag formation on the 4-hour timeframe perspective.

A breakout below the 280 level is going to finalize the formation and increase heavy bearish momentum.
UPDATE: Highly important for the determination will be how META actually approaches the rising AI technology developments as it is also marking more market disruptions on the way.
MARKET UPDATE: Interesting for META is also to consider the major AI Stocks Index, as it has the potential to increase the bearish sentiment.
MARKET UPDATE: If the NASDAQ turns out to emerge with a massive bearish wave this is also going to increase the META price-action into a final bearish wedge breakout.
MARKET UPDATE: A massive bearish pullback within the AI Stock Index is likely to lead to an increased bearish momentum within META as well.
ANALYSIS UPDATE: META is bearishly moving into the 300 mark. The more often a bearish spike towards this level emerges the more volatile the bearish continuation below.
ANALYSIS UPDATE: Especially when the market reaches a turning and the bearish momentum accelerates heavily this is going to setup a major continued bearish wave extension.
ANALYSIS UPDATE: META is approaching strong resistance levels and decreases the momentum, an important condition of a major reversal shift to appear in the next times.

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