Metal Pay- MTLUSD - Great Buying Opportunity-350% Gains Expected

BINANCE:MTLUSD   Metal / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Metal Pay MTL - MTLUSD Great Buying Opportunity Coming Ahead -

350% Gains Expected! - Don't Miss This One.. :)

Based on AB=CD pattern , Time Ratio & Gann Analysis, It's a potential long position with great returns :)

In a lower time-frame (4hrs) this long position has also been conformed.

Target Profit Range - 0.43-0.86

TP 1 - 0.43
TP 2 - 0.56
TP 3 - 0.73
TP 4 - 0.86

Buying Zone! Long Position

Early Entry Trigger Point - 0.23 -.026
Ideal Entry Trigger Point 0.16-0.19

Adjust your Stop Loss according to your lot size,
account equity ,strategy & money management.

***If you want to get in this trade from this point 0.341 you can still make 26.5% profit till TP1 is reached, however there is a very high probability that price may continue to move down towards my ideal entry point., It is recommended to enter with a smaller lot size if you want to go long right away & manage your stop loss accordingly.

Good Luck.!

This is my personal view and analysis on this chart. If you follow this idea please plan your trade according to your lot size and account equity.
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Comment: 65.4 % in just 20 days.

Trade entry point 0.26 as predicted.
Target Profit - 1 - 0.43

:) I hope people who followed me made some good profit.

Please check the chart for more info on this idea.