How I've traded Netflix this year.

NASDAQ:NFLX   Netflix, Inc
Morning traders.

I just wanted to share how I've traded Netflix this year with the script I am using and the results I've gotten.
Traded netflix only on an account with a well known CFD provider. £200 deposited and 76% gains on investments since March risking 1% per trade.
This information is all provided by the back test data screen shot at bottom of the screen.

As you will see from the idea screen I have provided details of how the script prompts me when to enter the market.
I simply enter the market set my stop loss and take profit targets and let the trade play out. That easy!
All the back test data backs the strategy up and takes away all the emotion of trading. Something we all struggle with as traders.

Once the trade has played out I simply wait for the next signal alert and go again.
This particular example is working the H1 and the example is taken from back in June and July.

Currently I am in a live long position on this chart as we speak. So we will see how that plays out.

For any more information on the script I am using please message me.