A Gulden opportunity! Resistances at 350 and 500 sat.

BITTREX:NLGBTC   Gulden / Bitcoin
As is the case with many other alts, Gulden (NLG) suffered hard from BTC's bullrun.
Now has the time come for Gulden to shine once again.

Looking at the 1 year chart and the MACD , MA-cross and the RSI , we notice that Gulden is almost on it's way to the 300-600 sats region. Buy at these low sats as we are heading towards the first resistances at 350 and 500 sat. If we break these resistances, FOMO can come in play and we may even see the 1000+ sats once again. The developers let us know that in less than 2 months time we will see Phase 4 go live with the use of a new Gulden specifically alteration of Argon2 algorithm.


I checked all your NLG Charts. You are always wrong :-D
This Coin is Dead. People have lost trust.