NQ - FOMC Channel Overthrow 15Min

CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
FOMC Days are a grind, there is a concerted effort to keep "Prices" looking

With the anticipated Pullback to Trendline and the Gap Fills we previously
discussed, all is well for the Riggers until 2PM EST today.

AAPL's reduction in EPS Warning was telling, as the 142 we indicated would
be instrumental in determining IF the Lows would be revisited... they will.

No mention of M1 /M1X/ M2 delays... Semi's continue to hang on as best they
can into what will be a Dismal Q3.

After Floods, Fires, and Water shortages @ TSM , ASML isn't going to see anticipated
adoption of 5nm.

Today's 30 min chart swings are quite Tradeable... we've been having some fun there
with smaller size 4 - 6 CTS .

The Crude Comedy is always on Point for FOMC, can't have those items we exclude
from CPI heading higher... no sir.

We took the early Sell in CL @ 80.54 and believe we can trade down to 77.56. So far,
it's working well.

Happy Hunting, reduced size is a wise choice ahead of the Fed's denials.


IF a reversal period is to arrive ahead of the FED after the 2nd Test of the RTH
Gap Fill occurs and HOLDS... we'll have further ranging ahead.

The ES and YM are a bloodbath... 4190 is WIDE Open for the ES. 33K YM, no issues

Comment: Stopped CL hit 79.86

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