NQ - Micro / Friday Close 15318.75 / Higher Low

CME_MINI:NQ1!   NASDAQ 100 E-mini Futures
Nasdaq 100 is circling Sellers for Globex, although weakening the 318 Level
remains important.

NQ Struggled today as the VXN did not complete its Gap Fill, which inhibited the
Instrument from doing the same.

During RTH the count did not exceed, that was reserved for the Globex toss over
@ 399.

This implies they will attempt to not only Fill the overhead Gap, but attempt to
retake the 399.

Probability of this @ the moment is low during RTH , as NQ's structure continues
to weaken.

Sellers have been rotating to Cyclicals and out of TECH, due to the Yield sensitivity is
unable to push higher during RTH .

Tomorrow will provide far more information as to the balance of the week's

AAPL was unable to move over 147.55 and the SMH was a mixed bag with
ASML getting taken to the woodshed for 3.86% while the flipside was
MU up 1.17%. They have been leaking out via rotation in Semis as well, not
wanting to bring it to the RED.

AMZN Recovered after a nasty early SELL.

The Russel found the Bulk of TECH flight, it appears the 2335 SELL will come
back to Trade. it has been a struggle to get there, but Wall Street wants the Fill
which now ranges from 2335 to 2406.

The YM was unable to capture 34993 - 35035 on rotation, which is typical as it
is far easier to manipulate the RTY's weightings.

Overall the Markets continue to weaken, led by TECH.

Globex will be interesting, fill the Gap or retest the lows of last week... pay
attention to which trades first.

Month-end approaches.