NYSE:SCHW   Charles Schwab Corporation (The)
Earlier this week, I took a trade on SCHW on the 30 minute chart. Found it had been rallying on higher time frames (HTF) from a pullback.

I decided to scale down to a lower time frame chart to find an entry. Preferably a pull back.

Decided to enter on a bull flag .

The previous day had shown strong bullish buying pressure as indicated by the bullish candlesticks closing near their highs during the rally. The first flag that I entered on was a 2-legged pullback from the highs with a High 2 breakout. When the breakout bar closed on its high, indicating strength from the bulls, I took a long position.

My exit strategy was to trail my Risk Units. (For example, when risking $100 on a trade, $100 is 1 Risk Unit (1R). Therefore for every $100 move in profit, or every 1R move, you'd move your stop loss up 1R behind it.)

I bought more shares, equal to my first entry, on every bull flag that had occurred in the bullish trend . Therefore, I bought additional shares twice over the course of the trade. This increased my chances for earning bigger profits as long as it continued to go in my direction.

I bought my first additional shares after my stop loss had already been moved to 1R. Effectively eliminating my risk. Since I bought the new shares around 2R, my 1R stop loss was now breakeven. Due to share price averaging. So I was at no risk of losing any money.

As the trade continued to move in my favor, I continued to move my stop loss up, locking in profits.

I bought my last shares near 3R after the final flag in the move. Again, for the same amount of shares I had bought in my original entry. My size was now 3x bigger than my original entry.

After the trade had reached 4R, I moved my stop loss up to 3R and got stopped out there after the stock had came back down. Even though I got stopped out at 3R, I walked away with a 4R profit, due to buying additional shares on the way up and my risk never being greater than my original positions stop size due to my trailing stops.