SPX ATH - long or short ?

SP:SPX   S&P 500 Index
As you can see, spx touched on the Ma50 lines 3 times around the 19/20th of May, June and July. Perhaps 4th time lucky and we will get sp touching the Ma50 line on Aug 19, or it could reach a high on Aug 19th and does corretion.

19th seems to call the turns of previous months. this is something we shall wait and see. it is healthy to see spx corrects itself before going higher again.

According to astro by chariot palmistry, we might get a correction around mid Aug.

So let's wait and see. For the mean time, stay focus and cut out the noise.


i thought about it today,
to long or to short spx;
then i realized
why not long btc instead?
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Did you? That was perfect timing! I sold too early