SPY price action over next few months

huge earnings this week. i think they will be decent, if their bad forget it and we go lower.
i just drew some random candles to show my general idea of what it may look like.

TOMORROW -i think we gap down. then maybe bounce mid day.

Then the feds are going to announce their rate hike decisions. i think we bounce to this 435-436 then REJECT when the may 4th cpi /ppi numbers come. then going into the summer if rates arnt coming down at the same speed. or fast as people wanted. i think thats when we break feb/march lows and we see the spy .. some where around that 20% decline. i think this is the price action over next few months.

this is a fluid situation many diff factors at play there is no right answer we dont know when the war ends. and if inflation comes down or not. things change this is what i think for now and if things change ill update but for now...
i do think we see recession, but shallow and short lived one. i think europe goes into recession first. but im rambling now lol.

Long term this will be blip on the radar. major opportunities! so excited! <Happy Trading> and the time for your long terms are.. O just so excited. Cheers!
Comment: the candles werent meant as dailys. just general idea at the time of posting.other on. cpi comes out in 15 min....well see