TRX multiyear resistance broken and reversal in BTC pair

BINANCE:TRXUSD   TRON / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hello, I share you this setup which I think is spicy .

2 years resistance would bring a lot of momentum.
Reversal in BTC pair also bring momentum.
This will look like PD I guess.

I will ride it for sure, already inside from 0.048

Comment: TRON Proposal 51 Set To Make TRX Deflationary Asset
The new proposal would increase bandwidth & energy fees by 3,5x in order to encourage higher TRX freezing rate, reduce TRX in circulation & promote TRX's value increase through a deflationary model.

TRON (TRX) has experienced a weekly value rise of 47%, and a new proposal aimed at making TRX a deflationary asset is currently being voted on by TRON’s Super Representatives (SRs), further increasing the potential growth of TRX and TRX-based tokens.
Proposal 51 and its goals are simple and could be very impactful for the network:

Increase the current near-minimal fees for bandwidth and energy by 3,5 times in order to encourage higher freezing rate of TRX, diminish low-value transactions (spam txs), increase security, reduce TRX in circulation, and promote the increase of TRX’s value by eventually making TRX a deflationary asset.
Comment: TRX broke out already

Now lets get ready for the madness =)