Tesla - great example of buy on fear and sell on greed? Let see

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
Tesla news everywhere last week with their stock price smashing through 2000.

Will it keep going up I read?

Shall I buy now?

Is it too late to jump in now?

Who know.... nobody knows.

But to me, as soon as the news starts talking about it the fear and greed scenario could kick in - just like BTC at 20k?

The people late to the party will jump in and then panic sell if there is a short term sell off ... potentially.

Anyway, it could keep going up for sure - until we see any signs of rejection the trend is still up!

What goes up - does NOT have to come down, why?

Because it can keep going up first.

Anyway, stick to your own plan and strategy and always focus on your risk management.

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Over and out.
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