[TVIX] 1D, 4H, 1H and 30M All Lined Up for Reference

Mostly reference purposes here.

What an epic setup.

Buy Signals:
1. RSI flipping from buy to sell on the 1D and 4H and holding closely to the sell dashed line in the 4H or 30M
2. OBV trend change, up or down in the 1D or 4H overall but here the 1H and 30M will give quicker signals of the trend change
3. 1D VPT as RSI flipping from buy to sell and 4h holding close to sell dashed line, 1H should hold to buy dashed line at start of uptrend, 30M should be very volatile crossing both dashed lines back and forth frequently.
4. MACD on the 30 and 1H breaking through zero (We've got 3 beautiful waves in both charts that are still waiting on a fourth due anytime *cough*June*cough*), MACD lines on 1D and 4H primed to break up too
5. POC trending 30M>1H>4H>1D (This ones tricky to dial in properly but that's the idea)

There's a lot more there, just some zoomed perspective for all the TVIX riders out there.