Twitter Bulls Just Getting Started

NYSE:TWTR   Twitter Inc
█  Summary
Taking a look over on the Twitter side of the world, I see several reasons to love this stock at the moment and below I've highlighted the fundamental and technical components that make it a no-brainer to long.
1 — On a technical level, various of the Mid-High TF's are showing strong volume + bullish RSI divergence at this $60.00 level, which is impressive to see.
2 — On a fundamental level, Twitter's monetization of the platform continues to roll out, with ticketed audiences, sponsored spaces and general increase in user activity is going to bring this stock well above the $100 mark alone, which almost makes it too easy to jump into at this $60 range.

Compared to tickers like SNAP or FB , Twitter has surprisingly seen little to no gain in value over the last year RELATIVE to the enormous growth seen by the others - that said, many have written it off without understanding it may just be starting an epic run to catch up to its counterparts in terms of % gain over the next few years.