ECONOMICS:USCBBS   United States Central Bank Balance Sheet
- how it works :

- Imagine you can create apples, and that you are the only one in the world able to do that.
- So if you create 100 apples, you will make them more rare and unique, so maybe you can sell them for 10$ each one.
- So now imagine you create 10,000,000,000 apples, you will have more apples than peoples need to eat, so you will have to sell your apples 0.0001$
- Anyway you don't really care about your apples price goes down because, you can create how many apples as you want, and the world population is growing.

- This is exactly the same for the US Dollar :

-- Less they print paper, less life is expensive, because we get some kind of USD rarefaction.
-- More they print papers more the dollars flood the world, it makes it weak, then you need more papers to buy your home, a new car or food.
-- Flooding the world with USD make everyone dependent on USD.

- So in graph you can see how many dollars they created post crises 2007 and for Pandemic Covid in 2020.

- So what is the situation right now :

-- Basically they stopped to print ( that's the main reason DXY Pushed up. "Dollar rarefaction" ) and world economy crashed ( Forex, Stocks , Cryptos ) .
-- In time they will have no choice to print again because their system is based on a greedy model.

- What you see is the just top of the iceberg, the Fed is a mosquito if you compare it to the BIS ( Bank for International Settlements).

- Actually controlling the flux of the creation of the dollar is just controlling the world system, it's a kind of tax form that you don't see, but you pay it much more than you think with inflation.

- USD paper money system will end sooner or later for a new monetary model called CDBC.
- it will be worst than you think as they will control everyone having a phone on their hand.

- The Only way to to counter them is to buy Bitcoin because of his real disinflationary mechanic.
- There's no other way to counter the system right now.

Happy Tr4Ding !
in few hours. CPI.

A little brrrrrr to save the lovely banks.

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