By May 24, 2021 it's all over! US (world) Index final collapse

CBOT_MINI:YM1!   E-mini Dow Jones ($5) Futures
This is the Dow Industrial Average - Weekly. (Price & Time)

This is only a 2-D Time Slice of a high(er) dimensional wave analysis (see - attachment), with standard Price projection onto the Time axes. (Will add the rest as time allows.)
Comment: This is a 2-D slice (Price & Time) from the same analysis but here, projected on the GBPUSD.
Now if one thinks that it is all because of Brexit, think again! A potential (likely) 20% collapse (from current levels) in the Pound indicates more than "just a Brexit induced decline".
Comment: Here is the DJIA - Weekly; an other 2-D Slice.
... projected onto Gold. (Time & Price & Gold & USD)
Look at the dates!! - April 26, 2021.
Comment: How about the USDCNH (Yuan) - Weekly?!
Indicates a catastrophic U$D rally at the beginning of April, 2021. E.g. Syncing up with the the Pound Sterling's collapse!
Comment: This is a typical picture of a wave collapse in a high-dimensional dynamic system, where "everything must go!". - Hence, the name: Collapse.
Comment: How about energy??...
There is Crude Oil for you. - Notice the dates!
Comment: ** Important Note;
Again, these are all 2-Dimensional Time Slices (projected onto the U$D, where appropriate) FROM THE SAME High-dimensional, dynamic system!
( ... and for the nerds out there; One way of doing this is simply finding the correlation integral of the (fractal)dimensions(s) using the box-counting method. Of course there are other (more efficient?) methods out there. )
Comment: All of the above is generated by taking 2-D Time Slices from the previous post - see attached -> "The inescapable Financial Collapse; A 4-Dimensional analysis"
... and if one takes a Time Slice at the point of May 21, 2021, as it turns out, that date is the bari-centric center where all (well, most, because it is actually a tight "range") hype-planes intersect and thus the expected point of the wave collapse.
Ultimately, as it is used in this case, this is a 39-Dimensional Space which one can slice all day long and just keep projecting back the slices onto the instrument/metric/market of one's choice, choosing any main axes of preference.
In short, *** This analysis is invariant with respect to Time, Price, Underlying(Market), or any of the other, underlying variables of preference!! ***
Comment: Here is Nat. Gas. in U$D;!/6...
... generated the exact same way (Time Slice) as all the above.
This is how this method has been tracking on the Daily chart, since Nov. 22
Comment: Here is USDCNH (Yuan) from this post;
... generated the exact same way (Time Slice) as all the above.

This is how this method has been tracking on the Daily chart, since Nov. 15
Comment: ** Important Note;
In order to eliminate any confusion from the above reference to Gold,DJIA and their Ratio, is clearly meant to be looked at as the Gold / Dow Ratio - not the other way around.
E.g. when the Gold/DJIA Ratio rises, normally it is due to a decline in the the Dow - and in Equities, in general.
One can, of course, consider the DJIA / Gold Ration, for convenience, as it is just the inverse of the above chart/analysis.
Comment: Here is how the Dow / Gold has been tracking;

... in this post;
Comment: A historic comparison;
Jan. 4., 2021 was *** the worst 1st trading day of any year since 1932 *** - after which the Dow completed it's 90% historical decline which started in 1929, losing an additional -80% on the top of it's previous -50% drop.
Comment: The Yen vs. the Reminbi
Telling volumes about the on-coming global crisis.
Comment: Continues to sink like the Titanic.
Comment: ... and since evidence is mounting!!...

The rest of this can be found in this post
Comment: Here is an other clue;
Chances are, this is how this (risk-on) pair will fare by mid 2021.
Comment: One of the premier Risk-on pair's prospects ...
... by mid 2021


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