USDRUB targeting 140..160

MOEX:USDRUB   U.S. Dollar / Russian Ruble
The emerging markets sense bad things first. While the EUR and Pound are still being bought with both hands, USDRUB resumed its ascent to new highs.

The Euro-crosses have also begun their next leg down signaling that the rotation from the dollar into treasuries is coming to an end.

All of this is supposed to be part of the master plan that the market is laying out for H1'21: the main piece of it is the crash in Treasuries of course. A violent spike in yields will cause the crash in stocks and a powerful run into the Dollar and into the Yen.


I think the first wave will start in the last week of this month, considering the probability of new us sanctions, covid, internal issues in Russia.
agree long term but, im not looking to buy until probably February time after the US calms down with Joe in Office....also alot depends on how bad this second covid wave gets i guess, and lockdowns causing oil prices to slump in turn causing the rubel to crash as their economy is effectively based off the oil! Just my current thinking though