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We are at the most important time bullran of Bitcoin and crypto market.
We have now reached the bottom of the descending channel and the most important Tether trend line (we were with this trend line from December 2017 to November 2021).

If the bottom of the channel breaks and reaches the trend, Dominance Tether will fall by 11% and a strong fomo will form, the price of Bitcoin will reach 70~89 thousand dollars, then we will see a sharp correction of the market after the halving. (unmodified
bullran is very dangerous and fragile).

But if the bottom of the channel is not broken, dominance will reach the range of 5.5%, as a result, the whole market will undergo a severe correction and the upward trend of the market will remain for the next halving.

Market correction can be done with strange and unexpected news.
The most important market days are March 11 and May 11 (white dotted line).

Be very careful in transactions, especially setting stop loss, in these 2 months whales and exchanges will be more active to get liquidity and stop hunters.
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From tomorrow, the market will enter important timelines.

Note that the market is not supposed to fall or grow by reaching the time lines, probably tomorrow Dominance Tether will touch the range of 4 to 3.80 and for 2 weeks to 1 month Dominance will be stagnant so that there will be an altcoin party.

When all Long positions were correct and newcomers had the thought that the market will be the same for 2 years, "so we won't sell anymore", the market starts to fall at the same time.

Usually, there is a Shtcoin party on the last days and all Shtcoins make 200-300% of interest daily.

In the next analysis, I will put Dominance Bitcoin & Bitcoin respectively.
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Recently, people joyfully talk about the $250,000$ target for Bitcoin and altcoin parties. This indicates that the media has done its job well. Soon, billions of dollars in long positions will become liquidated.

For example, on March 7th, when Bitcoin was $65,550, the news of Tesla buying 11,500 bitcoins was announced through the media.

"Tesla has secretly acquired Bitcoin.

The crypto platform Arkham identified wallets associated with both Tesla and SpaceX, both companies belonging to Elon Musk."
This is so funny 😂

When everyone is talking about the market, take your money and run
Be careful
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It will be updated soon.
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The analysis I have conducted so far is the most comprehensive. I hope I can improve my level.

Friends, please note that no trend emerges with just one candle either upwards or downwards, so this marks the beginning of a market shift from bullish to bearish. In my opinion, every upward movement provides an opportunity to take a short position. It's possible that Bitcoin may experience upward changes tonight that lead to a bull trap. Media outlets may announce negative news to fuel further declines.

As I mentioned before, a strong trend requires a pullback. A trend without a pullback is both FOMO-inducing and fragile.

The market, like a ruthless monster, brings in profits from fresh entrants and takes them away.
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Hello dear friends, I hope you're all doing well.
There hasn't been any change in the long-term chart structure.

As you can see in the 4-hour timeframe, Tether's dominance is simultaneously engaged in a descending head and shoulders pattern and the bottom of an ascending channel.
If the bottom of the channel breaks, the descending head and shoulders pattern will be confirmed. In such conditions, market makers are likely to manipulate.

Therefore, the ascending head and shoulders pattern seen in the 4-hour timeframe of Bitcoin may fail.

In the weekly and daily timeframe (USDT.D), there is a possibility of touching the bottom of the long-term channel and primary support.
Currently, only with the seriousness of World War news, the main long-term channel and support are broken.

Time analysis:
March 25th is a very important day. Possibly, a significant market news will be heard.

I'd be happy to share your opinion with me. Your likes, follows, and comments give me energy.
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I believe it's crucial to return all the windfalls of chance to newly arrived entrants. I've been giving warnings for nearly a month, providing both temporal and pricing analyses, but many aren't listening.

Where is the support of 69,000? Tomorrow, the range of 65,000 will no longer support you. This market teaches you a lesson.
The allure of the market is like the English Premier League, and its destructive power is akin to a nuclear bomb.
Good luck.

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