US oil prices had their biggest spike. How to earn on it?

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US oil prices had their biggest spike. Oil prices soar after attacks on Saudi facilities and ended nearly 15% higher on Monday. Abruptly ceased more than 5.7 million barrels per day of production.

We consider this situation a unique opportunity for earning. The fact is that the disappearance of 5 million b / d of oil is a temporary phenomenon. According to some estimates, most of them will return to the market in the coming days. Also, Trump is ready to sell oil from US strategic reserves to stabilize the market.

Accordingly, the current growth is an emotional reaction. So oil will be adjusted. Given the scale of yesterday's growth, the correction will also be significant. So today we recommend oil sales. It may be necessary to be in the position for several days, but the goal is clearly worth the time spent.

Another opportunity for earning. The Russian ruble entered the sales zone. The next round of sales (final) we will start with 62.50 (unless, of course, the price reaches these marks).

And finally, the recommendation to buy gold and other safe-haven assets is also relevant in the light of current events. The US has already managed to blame Iran for the attack, so in theory, the situation could be developed.

Meanwhile, financial markets received another batch of evidence in favor of the global economic slowdown. This time, China gave cause for disappointment and concern. Industrial production in Sino grew by 4.4%, which is the minimum increase since 2002 (!). So if the oil shock goes on, the chances of a global recession will increase.

Today is formally out of surprises. It is worth paying only to industrial production in the USA. But in general, markets are beginning to prepare for the Fed results announcement. But we’ll talk about it tomorrow. And today, we note that dollar sales are still one of our priorities in trade.

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