OIL Intraday. Aiming 1:10 RR

TVC:USOIL   CFDs on WTI Crude Oil
Risk 1% and aiming for 10% on this trade. No indicators used. Pure price action. Like to keep my chart clean. Simply trading structure, nothing else!!

All trades closed on the same day. Entries are taken on 1 min chart. Stop loss is moved to cost after structure break. Don't chase the trades, wait for the next opportunity.

Also, please view price action on 1 min chart if you're following my entries. It will make sense. Trading view doesn't allow to post entries on charts smaller than 15 minutes.

Mostly trade 12-5pm UK time NY session. Sometimes London Session. Don't like the idea of watching charts the whole day.
Trade closed: stop reached: Stop loss hit. -1RR
Trade closed: stop reached: Hit our stops and ran straight to the target. NFP day does that often.

Always aim for High Risk n Reward. Risk $100 to make $1000. That's how I trade.