VUZI - Personal Price Target $100 πŸš€

NASDAQ:VUZI   Vuzix Corporation
VUZI ( Vuzix Corporation) is a current leader in the constantly expanding AR market for both businesses and consumers alike. I have personally been heavily invested in this stock since $9.53, and my current price target for the stock is $100+ within 2-3 years, although this may potentially occur in 1-2 years.

Over the past 4 or so months, we have seen VUZI grow over 650%, and according to my analysis it looks set for a continued uptrend.


Currently the EMA 8 is still in a strong uptrend ever since crossing over the EMA 200. We also can see on my dashboard that the trend is currently bullish , and the Trend Panel is displaying almost 100% uptrend sentiment on all timeframes.
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I like to keep my analysis simple, and so the information below will be listed in short and easily digestible bullet points.

  • VUZI is an extremely strong company, with minimal debt and liabilities, and enough cash on hand to cover all of this at any time
  • ARKQ has consistently loaded up on shares ever since the $18 range, and they now hold over 2 million shares
  • With Apple and numerous other companies essentially set on releasing AR glasses for consumers within the next year or so, this will give massive validation to VUZI as a company, and it will also draw many more investors into the AR market
  • VUZI has a partnership with Verizon for 5G technology to be implemented
  • Citron has already announced he would never short the company which is a good indicator that its likely to go up, as he is an extremely bearish and very reputable analyst
  • VUZI recently released their full year earnings in December, in which they reported $11.6 million in total revenue as compared to $6.7 million the prior year. This is a 74% year over year increase
  • The market for AR headsets / glasses has been estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 73.8% from 2019 to 2025, and so far it has been meeting these expectations rapidly

All in all, this is just my opinion on VUZI as a company. If you disagree with my analysis or don't think I've done enough research, feel free to tell me your thoughts in the comments. I am not a financial advisor and I trade solely because I enjoy it. If you do happen to agree with my analysis or if you enjoy what you've read so far, please drop a like an follow me! I would love to hear everyone's thoughts!

P.S. the indicator I used in this image was made by me and can be found for free here!
with love,
-Lemon πŸ‹
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