Golden Jet,We dont mean Kevin Hart,Use your Central Intelligence

FOREXCOM:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
1345.00 is a possible reversal zone, this area has been used as a very strong resistance zone before and you can see price has respected this area on numerous occasions before ( I'm sure you don't need the purple arrows to pint out where if you have been following us for a while )

Our 1st trendline was previously used as strong support but we can see it been used as resistance in our zone now.

Previous strong resistance was broken 2 weeks ago, so price coming back down to test this level of support is not out the question before it finds our zone and reaches our target, so some orders will be set on this pair.

So overall outlook... We are expecting price to make a run to the upside and find our zone, and if the price follows our current trend line this wont take long. And if it breaks our trendline and reaches our target before then we can say we told you so ;p

Even the brain dead, Flouride drinking ,Government controlled, no ambition Zombies can see this trade clear as day.... So dont fall into this cattogory