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Of course I've been shouting about Gold and Cryptos before. Why? Why?... some people wanna know what's going on. (TURN UP volume on speakers. Microsoft updates caused a problem)

I posted on the big de-dollarisation war that was happening in the background months ago. I was also looking at the 'war index' in Lockheed Martin .

The smart money has already moved these markets. If you've missed, you're too late.

It is a very unstable and uncertain world now. We have wars of various kinds:
1. Trade wars
2. Currency wars.
3. Cyber-wars.
4. And as of Thursday/Friday, America almost went to war with Iran.

The dumb money is now long on the DJI. Yeah it might break out of 27000 but that's what the dumb money is gonna do.

Last week we saw the German Bund market head into negative yield. This means that investors are willing to put their money in for an initial loss on bonds. Yield curves remain inverted in America.

There is trouble ahead.

Watch where the real big boys are heading. Get smart.

Disclaimer: Nothing here is financial (or other advice). DYOR. This screencast is speculative. No liabilities accepted for your losses. In other words sue yourself if you take a position based on this post and lose your money.

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