Bitcoin's Next Move (Short Term - Keeping It Simple) + Altcoins

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I will make it really simple for us (me and you) right now. Here is how this works... But wait, make sure to hit like before we get started...
Ok, thanks a lot for the support, let's continue!

We have been looking at EMA100 as main resistance, which is the blue line that has rejected Bitcoin's growth several times in the recent past.

Looking at this moving average, we can come up with a few simple scenarios:

1) If EMA100 can be conquered, a close above it with good strength and volume. Bitcoin moves up and challenges the next resistance at $4300. If this one can be broken then $4640 is next.

2) If EMA100 can't be broken, Bitcoin goes back down to test EMA10/50.

Pretty simple.

My view: Volume is starting to grow on a Wednesday. The daily candle still has 11 more hours to close. So there is a big chance that Bitcoin can break EMA100 and continue with its move up, but instead of guessing, we will let the market decide.

The RSI is really bullish now sitting at 60 and going higher.
The MACD is neutral at best but in the bullish zone.

Altcoins Market Update

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The best advice we give ourselves to others.

Do you ever listen to yourself?

You might find a stranger and remind them not to smoke.

You might see your brother and tell him to slow down on alcohol.

You obviously suggest to your ex and your friends to exercise and eat well…

But have you stopped for a second to listen all those advice that you have been giving…?

These are not for somebody else.

Whenever you are talking, whenever you say anything, just make sure to listen to yourself.

Whatever you are telling others, will also apply to you.

And if it can be of benefit to them, it can definitely benefit you.

So take the first step. Go ahead and help, but the change starts with you!

Nucleus Vision (NCASHBTC) is starting to move... Huge potential.

Bitcoin had a good close above EMA100. The last two times this happened it fall the next day.

This is the third time. If it can remain above it would be a really good bullish signal, if it falls... Well, the main analysis above remains:

We are also looking at multiple resistance:

1) Trendline from the 24 Feb. high.
2) The 21 Mar. peak.
3) The 24 Feb. peak.

The MACD points towards possible down, leaning more bearish than bullish yet this isn't a strong signal:
The RSI can take a drop as well. We will see how it goes since we have a bunch of mixed signals:
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