DOGE- Coinbase Pro lists Doge- Is this the start of a new rally

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Hello trader,
good mood and profitable deals 💲

Coinbase Pro will list Dogecoin tomorrow (if liquidity requirements are met)
and can be traded in BTC , USDT, USD, EUR and GBP .

Is this the beginning of a new big rally?

Since the last rally, (which brought us good profit) we have increased by 70% to the 25 cent.
However, a nice reversal pattern ( falling wedge in blue) formed, from which we broke out.
So, clear reversal signals with good fundamentals in the background !
The target of this pattern is 75 cent ,what the 0.786 retracement would be.
If FOMO breaks out, I can also imagine higher prices.

I would like to mention that all I post are just options and my own opinion !
Always trade with SL, and do not risk more than 1% of your portfolio (max 3%) per trade.

Unfortunately, my english is not so good and I work with google translate, but if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them .

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Comment: What I want to see !! I'll trade the breakout LONG
Comment: We have a time window of 1 day and 22 hours to overcome the Ichimoku cloud resistance, which Doge usually respects exactly!
Elon Musk tweet .doge takes over the global financial
Comment: Coinbase pro,lets go ..dump or pump
Comment: possible dubletop in h15
Comment: falling wedge breakout-but volume is very weak, but it's weekend and as always also dependent on BTC
I found a great overview of trend and momentum tool.
Calculated from MAs, volume, MACD and Stoch
Thanks to dgtrd
Comment: After retesting the small falling wedge we are ready to go upstairs, of course only if btc allows it, but btc also draws a reversal pattern in LTF
Comment: Rally canceled
Comment: But MATIC/USD is IMO bullisher,you can see the chart in my newest BTC TA,
also BEAM/BTC is very interesting



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@Stoinksoutthewazoo MACWHATNOW?
Seems it might be another trap to take advantage of greedy inexperienced retail traders?
From what I've seen on social media the meme coin crowds are mostly buy and hodl "investors" on simplified platforms, Coinbase Pro is likely to be an intimidating environment.
Also anyone actively trading meme coins has been doing so on many other platforms for a while, so beyond the added PR boost I wonder how much impact this will have.
The real rally for doge could come from a listing on the simplified coinbase app I think that would see it pump due to the ease and popularity of that app.

Interesting to watch. Thanks for the chart bro always appreciated.
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TR7z d999B
@d999B, Since the listing was announced two days ago, doge has made + 56%. But mostly coinbase listings are dumped. 2 reasons why it could be different with doge. 1 Elon Musks tweets and his statement that he wouldn't sell under $ 1. 2. 70% of all dog coins are in a single wallet. To bring large amounts under the man unnoticed, liquidity is required that would certainly be provided with media reporting. Don't believe that it has anything to do with the simplicity of the app, it's all about PR, about false dreams that will never come true, at all at doge.the epitome of speculation.thank you for your save
@TR7z, I thought the biggest wallet is owned by Robinhood? And it's 30%, not 70%. Or am I wrong?
TR7z AnnieAndHerDoge
@AnnieAndHerDoge, Maybe it's a misinformation, I don't know, I read it here on tv, if then I'm sorry
d999B TR7z
@TR7z, The largest wallet currently holds 28.29% and no one knows who owns it. Speculation that it's Robinhood comes from a reddit post and Elon is also another obvious candidate.
We'll see. Thanks again.
TR7z d999B
@d999B, I hope I understood your statement correctly, sometimes I have a hard time with the translation ... lol
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d999B TR7z
@TR7z, Yes you did and your translation skills are working very well.