Stellar lumens to $12

On the above 4-day chart is a ridiculous prediction. Nonetheless, the foundation is for lack for better word is, solid.

Price action has corrected almost 90% since the month of May 2021. A number of reasons now exist to be bullish. Those are:

1) The ‘incredible buy’ signal. Definitely not to be ignored on this time frame.

2) Price action now finds itself on the golden ratio at measured from the March 2020 lows to the highs of May 2021.

3) Let’s talk about this perfect Cup and Handle formation. Technically it is text book. The correction thus far is squeezing between the golden ratio and price action resistance. Eventually it will breakout, that’s your signal.

4) This is a 100x projection.

Is it possible for price action to fall full further? For sure.

Is it probable? An emphatic no.


Type: trade
Risk: <=6% of portfolio
Timeframe: 6 to 12 months, seriously.
Return: 100x
Trade active:
The time is now.
Daily BTC pair below. May 2020 was the last time this signal printed.
I'm not holding this, ask for updates below.

Edit: November, not May.
Trade active:
A very good moment to open a long position for this trade.
Trade active:
Can't stress enough how powerful those double buy signals are on the 3/4-day charts. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

4-day XLM/BTC pair

Same signal on MATIC back in the day when no one heard of it on the 3-day.

Will create a new list to share on those high time frame BTC pairs for special followers ;)
Trade active:
Read the last update. 50% jump in price action followed. This time has returned. Close swing trades if you've got them open. Just like the last update buying was the last thing on anyones mind, this is how the 5% take money from everyone else. Will you join the 5% this time round?
Trade active:
GRM support confirmed
Trade active:
A fantastic confirmation of support here. From here on the big picture begins.

A day in the future will come that compels you to utter one of two refrains:

1) By what stroke of fortune did I emerge as an early adherent, unyielding in my conviction?

2) Alas, why did I falter in my resolve, seized by an indefensible omission of action?

Trade active:
Strong support confirmation.


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