Ripple XRPUSD - Road to 100 USD! | Millennium IMPULSE Wave!

- XRP is absolutely ready for a massive gains as the current never ending consolidation has finished successfully!
- As per my Elliott Wave count, I can really definitely see a brutal 5th Impulse wave to the upside starting in the immidiate short term!
- Do not forget to check my the most important analysis on BTC .D ( Bitcoin dominance).
- XRP fell from 2. down to 7. place on Coinmarketcap in recent months.
- XRP is in my opinion the most hated coin on the cryptocurrency market (pump and dump).
- For expected duration of the trade, probability, stop loss, profit target, entry price and risk to reward ratio ( RRR ) - please check my signature below ↓
- 200 weekly moving average is rising, which is of course a positive sign!
- Make sure to have enough XRP in your wallet, as I do not recommend to use futures markets for this coin.
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1 month: 17 USD
6 months: 77 USD
12 months: 111 USD
Life Time: 222 USD

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that could absolutly happen if financial institutions start to use xrp as a bridge to transfer trillions . they witing for the sec lawsuit to settle then , it will outperform every alt coin easily
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Tolberti Todopoderoso
@Todopoderoso, Bad news about XRP, but the technicals are very stron. Can be the mother of all pomps :D
100?? give me 12/18 usd and i will be extremly happy :)
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Tolberti guillevarini
@guillevarini, Haha! yeah we will see!
I want to invest 2500 in and hold for one year what cryptocurrencies do you suggest?
Thank yo
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donblow Allengoftafiyan
@Allengoftafiyan $XRP now on Uphold if in America.
literally anything besides xrp
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Tolberti Allengoftafiyan
@Allengoftafiyan, You can always check my signature, wich coin is great to buy for minimum stress and maximum gains.
XRPShark Allengoftafiyan
@Allengoftafiyan, Join the hype and get some Doge lmao ..jk
dude .... you know that 100$ XRP = over 4.5 times higher Marketcap than current Marketcap of Bitcoin? that will never happen
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