IceTrading IceTrading PRO US2000USD, D, 2 months ago
US2000USD: US2000: Tremendous 15 Consecutive Day Rally
56 2 13
US2000USD, D
US2000: Tremendous 15 Consecutive Day Rally

I have not been able to find any conclusive data regarding whether or not this rally has been all time record for the Russell 2000 Index. Investor confidence has soared to all time highs via 3 week rally. Although I am glad to see this rise occur, I do not seem to understand the logical or fundamental justification for it. How much longer can the Stock Market ...

priyesh priyesh PRO NZDJPY, D, 7 months ago
NZDJPY: NZDJPY Daily - Trading Within A Channel
50 2 1
NZDJPY Daily - Trading Within A Channel

NZDJPY Daily – Since the start of 2016, this pair has entered a downwards trending channel which it has followed well. Recently, it tested the bottom of the channel but was unsuccessful in breaking out and is now heading towards the top of the channel which is crossing over with the 78.6% Fibonacci level. This upwards movement is supported by a fairly strong New ...

Silver-Silver Silver-Silver JPN225, M, Short , 8 months ago
JPN225: A Healthy Dose of Doom and Gloom
544 1 14
JPN225, M Short
A Healthy Dose of Doom and Gloom

Keep away from sidewalks under windows. MACD: RSI: Will the monster eat you too?

MacroView_Research MacroView_Research CL1!, D, 8 months ago
CL1!: As #OPEC Meets, #Crude May Feel Disappointed
410 0 5
CL1!, D
As #OPEC Meets, #Crude May Feel Disappointed

Tomorrow, members of OPEC will meet in Vienna, and it is unlikely there will be any policy shifts. Despite the dire straits some OPEC members are in, such as Venezuela, the current crude production policy will likely remain until Iran and Russia agree to some sort of production resolution. MacroView has been overly bearish since June 2014 but indicating that the ...

CommoditiesTrader CommoditiesTrader SPX, D, 10 months ago
SPX: Unapologetically Bearish
873 8 9
Unapologetically Bearish

A series of events took place causing me sit back and contemplate market participants (in)sanity. First, it is known that I've was one of the first to stick my neck out and tell it how it is – the U.S. Is facing a recession in 2016 – last April. Soon after, various investment banks flirted with the potential but gave the very realistic situation very low ...

CommoditiesTrader CommoditiesTrader DXY, M, 11 months ago
DXY: The Dollar Paradox Pt. 1: Unintended Consequences
718 6 5
The Dollar Paradox Pt. 1: Unintended Consequences

It is clear that the U.S. dollar has been one of the biggest hedge fund crowded trades, and still remains despite recent pullbacks in the greenback. And, although, the DXY saw a violent decent following last week's dovish FOMC-minutes report, there is still an underlying dynamic that supports a much higher dollar. History may not repeat, but it often rhymes. ...

CommoditiesTrader CommoditiesTrader GDX, D, 11 months ago
GDX: Gold Miners Could Pullback Before Resumption of Trend.
317 0 2
Gold Miners Could Pullback Before Resumption of Trend.

Gold prices have been volatile, flucuating between $1,275 and $1,220 as markets remain indecisive on what stance to take: is the Federal Reserve going to continue hiking assuming the economy will "gradually improve," or with traders continue to look for safer locations to place there cash? According to recent capital flow data, the GLD has seen redemption as ...

CommoditiesTrader CommoditiesTrader GC1!, W, 11 months ago
GC1!: Gold to $8,000?
358 0 3
GC1!, W
Gold to $8,000?

Despite what so-called gold bugs have been trying to predict for years, it still remains seen how valuable the most "hated" asset on Wall Street can be. Calls of $10- or $50,000 gold have made headlines and often laughs, but when investors take into account the supporting fundamentals, gold can be extremely beneficial during these centrally-planned ...

CommoditiesTrader CommoditiesTrader GLD, D, a year ago
GLD: Demand for Gold Rockets Higher
426 0 9
Demand for Gold Rockets Higher

Is the once Goldman Sachs "slam dunk sell" turning into a layup buy? I cannot hate the initial call from many investment bank analysts it to sink to $1,000 because, in 2013, I issued a $1,035 bear-call. However, I do ridicule these analysts for unwillingly (either through ignorance or moral hazard) understanding the dynamics of gold. But in 2014 I turned rather ...

CommoditiesTrader CommoditiesTrader SPX, D, a year ago
SPX: SPX Pullbacks Are Volumeless, Stay the Course
770 6 8
SPX Pullbacks Are Volumeless, Stay the Course

Traders have seen this before, and it continues to play out as the global economic climate breaks down. Although these pullbacks in the SPX are often lofty and swift, it is important to realize volume is the most import factor when considering the validity of a pullback. Here, we can see that the move in SPY is volumeless. The entire squeeze from the Feb. 11 low ...

CommoditiesTrader CommoditiesTrader USDCAD, D, a year ago
USDCAD: A Turning Point for USDCAD?
338 1 5
A Turning Point for USDCAD?

The recent risk rally has encouraged commodity currencies higher. As crude ignores the globalized downturn in economic output and ongoing "pump at all costs" mantra of producers, the Canadian dollar has hit a three-month high against the dollar. Crude aside, traders have also factored in the fact that the potential for a rate cut from the Bank of Canada had ...

CommoditiesTrader CommoditiesTrader XAUUSD, 240, a year ago
XAUUSD: Gold Intraday Technicals
519 0 6
Gold Intraday Technicals

Gold has pulled back slightly, but still up almost 15 percent since 2016. Traders don't believe the current rally as they look hopeful of more central bank quantitative easing, which is exactly why gold has had its run this year; and it is why I have been saying fundamentals have been strengthening for gold for roughly 16 months. After gold volatility hit ...

CommoditiesTrader CommoditiesTrader USDJPY, M, a year ago
USDJPY: Will the BoJ Increase QE In Two Weeks? Doesn't Matter.
470 0 1
Will the BoJ Increase QE In Two Weeks? Doesn't Matter.

With markets on edge and Japanese inflation data this week, those short the yen are hoping the Bank of Japan Governor, Haruhiko "Kamikaze" Kuroda, will further increase the balance sheet through more quantitative easing. Because when everything else fails, he'll try to go all in. Or will he? Essentially, his brilliant idea to implement negative rates, or NIRP, ...

CommoditiesTrader CommoditiesTrader CB2!, D, a year ago
CB2!: Brent Near-Term Outlook
408 0 1
CB2!, D
Brent Near-Term Outlook

Brent crude has been able to rally on little volume during the U.S. banking holiday and rumors surrounding a potential unified OPEC production cut, issued by the UAE energy minister just as WTI was carving out a 12 year low (and in the middle of the night, local time, no less.) Four days later, there has been no new reports of said production cut proposal, but ...

IvanLabrie IvanLabrie PRO XAUUSD, W, Short , a year ago
XAUUSD: XAUUSD: Weekly and 12h view of Gold
982 7 27
XAUUSD: Weekly and 12h view of Gold

Gold is in a long term downtrend in monthly scale, but right now we're in a strong 12h chart uptrend. The weekly has a few signals that tell me it's of paramount importance to get short at the top of this trend. In the next 3 weeks we will be offered with the perfect opportunity for a weekly short in gold. Target is in the short term a retest of the 12h uptrend ...

CommoditiesTrader CommoditiesTrader CL1!, M, a year ago
CL1!: Crude Technical Outlook
1075 21 8
CL1!, M
Crude Technical Outlook

Crude started the new year with volatility, as prices initially rebounded into price resistance near $38/bbl on geopolitical tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia. However, the rally was short-lived and there looks to be no follow through in today's session. There are a few key factors to take into account: slow global growth, a decline in global demand growth ...

CommoditiesTrader CommoditiesTrader XAUUSD, 240, a year ago
XAUUSD: Gold Trends Near Resistance After Consecutive Session Gains
425 5 3
Gold Trends Near Resistance After Consecutive Session Gains

Currently, gold is budding up against intraday resistance, following two consecutive sessions of gains on a weaker dollar. As the rate hike came and went, many – even those who ushered in the hike with excitement – are beginning to wonder if the Federal Reserve waited far too long to boost interest rates. The yellow metal had began its two-day rally by finding ...

CommoditiesTrader CommoditiesTrader GC1!, D, a year ago
GC1!: Precious Metals Jump Ahead of FOMC
254 1 5
GC1!, D
Precious Metals Jump Ahead of FOMC

Precious metals jump higher ahead of today’s FOMC minutes and potentially the first rate hike in the U.S. since 2007. Why? It’s most likely contributed to the fact that the majority of market participants believe Fed Chair Janet Yellen will remain extremely dovish post-rate increase. A dovish hike may be a hard sell, as Nomura suggests, but precious metals may ...

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