February 22, 2021
18th Stable Version of the Charting Library for Technical Analysis and Trading Platform

We’re delighted to announce the release of a new stable version of the Charting library for technical analysis and the Trading platform.

You’ll be glad to hear that we’ve added a whole bunch of useful new features. For example, now you can fill the background of the chart with a gradient of colors and create pictures of price movement using the new Path drawing tool.

We’ve also added a Data Window, Templates for drawing tools, displaying Ask and Bid lines, as well as many other improvements and fixes to the Trading platform. 

Read on for a more complete list of improvements and fixes.

Improvements to the Charting Library for technical analysis and the Trading platform

  • New drawing tool — Path (Github issue #5433). It allows you to mark the picture of price movement on the chart with a broken line, as well as to build a forecast of future changes.
  • Fill the background of the chart with a color gradient (Github issue #5247). Add a gradient background fill to improve the readability of the information on the chart, or simply create a trendy effect to make the page look more stylish.
  • Grouping symbols in the search window for all types of symbols (Github issue #5557).
  • Ability to set the name of the layout through the parameter of the widget constructor (Github issue #5470).
  • Session parameters are separated for use in display and calculations (Github issue #5531).
  • Setting to disable the save hotkey (Github issue #5488).
  • Ability to specify empty or another custom symbol type for the symbol search window (Github issue #5433).
  • Added methods for getting the values ​​of a bar or indicator by clicking on the chart (Github issue #5347).

Improvements to the Trading Platform

  • A data window has been added to the right panel (Github issue #5455). Using this window, you can track the values ​​of all symbols and indicators that are added to the chart.
  • Drawing object templates (Github issue #4885). Save and apply frequently used combinations of drawing object settings in two clicks.
  • Hiding the right panel by default (Github issue #5486). Use if you need more space to display the chart.
  • A setting that allows the legend to be displayed on all charts in the workspace at the same time (Github issue #5479). For those who like to control everything at once!
  • Displaying Ask and Bid line levels on the chart (Github issue #5203, Github issue #1798). The function is necessary for those who trade by looking at the chart.
  • Added a plus button near the price scale (Github issue #5410). Modify the click on this button, allowing your users to perform the most necessary operations on the chart as quickly as possible.
  • Ability to lock the Order Panel in an open state (Github issue #4746). Trading at arm’s length – always on the screen!
  • Ability to disable the market status in the detailed information window in the right panel of the platform (Github issue #5354).

Bug fixes

  • The list of indicator templates was cached and was not updated while working with the chart (Github issue #4306).
  • The method of setting the coordinates for the Text object did not work (Github issue #4056).
  • The label of the future event was placed on the last day, which is displayed on the chart (Github issue #2858).

Every day we work for you and we’re always happy to receive your feedback and suggestions.

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