April 11, 2018
Chart Layout Autosave Can Be Disabled Now

You asked and we delivered! As per your requests, you are now able to deactivate automatic saving of the chart layout. This new setting gives you even more flexibility when working with the chart.

This feature is located in the dropdown menu of the chart layout and is activated by default.


The setting applies to all saved chart layouts.

How does it work?
Once you’ve made any changes to your chart layout it is automatically saved after 1 minute.

Note that the automatic saving of the chart layout may cause data to be lost or updated when using the same chart layout on multiple devices or in several browser tabs simultaneously.

Here is an example:

  • You’ve got a saved chart layout. Let’s call it Chart 1.
  • You’ve opened this chart layout in your browser tab since you wish to adjust the support and resistance levels for the BTCUSD pair.
  • Afterwards, you decided to save the chart layout after making the adjustments. It makes no difference whether the layout has been saved manually or automatically in this case.
  • You also had the same chart layout open in a different tab, let’s call it Tab 2 for the sake of simplicity. It was opened before you made the level adjustments and doesn’t reflect those changes yet.
  • You decided to check the price movement of another financial instrument in Tab 2 and changed the current symbol.
  • If autosave is on then chart layout in Tab 2 will be saved automatically and those support/resistance level adjustments will be lost.

If you use chart layouts in a similar fashion then we recommend turning autosave off.

Here is how you can save your chart layout when the autosave feature is turned off:

– You can save them manually by clicking the save icon or the Save button in the dropdown menu of your chart layout.

– Your chart layout will be saved when you add an alert to a drawing tool (required for the proper functioning of the alert process).

As always, your feedback is highly appreciated. We hope that you’ll like this new feature.

Thanks for choosing TradingView and stay tuned for more updates!

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