December 10, 2020
Coming soon: The Broker Awards

We’ve got some big news. This January we’ll be launching The Broker Awards, where we’ll be recognising the best guys and gals across the industry with a series of accolades covering all types of brokering: from crypto to futures, best tech to most popular.

‘Why are we doing this?’ we hear you ask. Well, last year we launched Top Brokers on TradingView where you as a trader can discuss, rate, and connect with brokers in a trustworthy and see-through way. All of this means we think we’re in an exceedingly well-placed position to see how the best of the best brokers actually stack up against each other

These awards aren’t decided by Steve, sitting in the corner of our office, but only by you, the real users of their services. Your thousands of verified reviews, based on actual experiences, are what drive our understanding of who deserves to be recognised and who does not.

This year we have eight awards categories:

  • Broker of the Year: The top dog, the big enchilada. In our eyes the best of the best this year
  • Most Popular Broker: The dudes and dudettes with more connections than Grand Central Station
  • Social champion: As popular as Britney, with more original ideas than Edison 
  • Most Innovative Tech: Broker tech so sharp it’ll cut you if you aren’t careful
  • Best Multi-Asset Broker: Because trading one thing in one country is very 1976
  • Best Futures Broker: This wild bunch might just be the future of futures
  • Best Forex and CFD Broker: If they were a currency, they’d be a Benjamin Franklin 
  • Best Crypto Broker or Exchange: When you’ve been around the blockchain as long as these guys and girls, anything’s possible

How you can help

Got a favorite broker, that company you just couldn’t do your trades without? Well there’s still time to give them a little boost, so do go rank them and give them a positive review, if you haven’t done so already. Just go to the Top Brokers on TradingView page, find your broker, and leave a review.

Thanks again for being part of TradingView, and helping make the trading and investing world a little bit of a better place.

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