July 30, 2020

You Can Now Display Bid and Ask Labels on the Price Scale and Bid and Ask Lines on the Chart

We’re always expanding our platform’s capabilities for analyzing charts in order to make working with them more efficient for you. Today, we’re happy to introduce a new chart setting for displaying Bid and Ask lines and labels.

Additionally, we’ve added settings so users can display Bid and Ask lines and labels on not only the price scale, but also on the chart itself. This tool is a great addition to the platform because you can now see the best supply and demand prices directly on the chart. This allows you to react faster to market changes, big or small.

To get started, you can enable the tool by going to Settings in the Symbol tab and clicking on the Bid and Ask Lines option.

To enable Bid and Ask labels on the price scale, start by opening the price scale context menu. Go to Labels, and finally, click on Bid and Ask Labels.

The lines and labels on the price scale, as well as the chart, can be enabled and disabled independently of each other. You can also adjust the line colors in the Bid and Ask Lines Settings.

We hope this update has proven useful. Please continue to send your feedback, comments, and suggestions for future upgrades and updates. We love hearing from you as it allows us to continue to build bigger and better things.

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