January 19, 2017

KASE is now using TradingView charts for their official website!

TradingView is now proudly helping another exchange with their charts! Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC (KASE) has announced the release on Dec 12. It’s currently on their beta website – http://beta.kase.kz , but will be moved over to the main site at www.kase.kz sometime in 2017.

Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) is the leading stock exchange in the Central Asian region and the only exchange in Kazakhstan. We are very excited about this partnership – it brings a new dimension of convenience to traders, and is in line with our mission to continue helping traders communicate and bring them together. Hopefully we’ll work closely together to build a great local trading community!

“TradingView is a very convenient service for investors and traders, which can be equally used by both inexperienced users just monitoring the market and professionals working with the technical analysis tools and interactive life charts. Now all the features of this modern platform will be made available to KASE information users, with more and more new features to be presented every month, as we connect new blocks of our data to the service,” the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of KASE A. Tsalyuk said.

We are happy that so many exchanges are trusting TradingView as their provider. There are virtually no reasons not to – it’s free, improves engagement and works on any device. Hopefully more exchanges join the movement soon!

Here’s who’s in already:

  1. Chicago Mercantile Exchange in US – the world’s the largest options and futures exchange according to Wikipedia – onboarded in 2016.
  2. BM&F Bovespa in Brazil – world’s second largest stock exchange (wiki) – also onboarded in 2016
  3. Bucharest Stock Exchange in Romania has integrated charts in a trading application called ArenaXT.
  4. Saint-Petersburg Stock Exchange in Russia has them on the main site
  5. Sofia Stock Exchange in Bulgaria is currently testing the integration internally

Want to integrate for yourself or an exchange you know? Email founders@tradingview.com!