March 4, 2020
Leveling the Playing Field for Indicator Vendors

At the beginning of TradingView’s history, we created the Marketplace, where selected creators could sell their indicators and strategies to other traders and investors. A few years later, we added the invite-only publishing feature, which allowed an author to publish indicators in protected-source mode, but also gave authors control over who could access their script on a user by user basis, rather than going through the Marketplace.

We level the playing field, and recently we’ve made indicator vendors compete on the same grounds, without a Marketplace in the way to slow them down. They can make their indicators or strategies invite-only and publish them either publicly or privately, while deciding who gets to use them based on their own criteria, whether traders pay for access or not.

Some of the creators who previously sold their indicators and strategies through the Marketplace are now publishing them in invite-only format. One of them, Rob Booker, graciously decided to make them available to all! Kudos to Rob!

If you are an indicator vendor and wish to make your indicators available in invite-only mode, please make sure you understand and abide by our script publishing rules and requirements, many of which are vendor-specific. Note that you can also publish invite-only scripts privately if you only want to share them in a closed circle, while still controlling who can access the script.

If you need help, want to learn more or give us feedback, please reach out! We are always looking for ways to be more user-friendly and to improve.

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