September 8, 2020
New Candlestick Patterns, Now All in One Place

In July, we added a variety of indicators that allow you to search for candlestick patterns on TradingView. After listening to your feedback, we made a number of adjustments to the existing system of candlestick patterns. These include adding an indicator that allows you to search for various patterns at once, as well as expanding the list of built-in patterns we have available.

Starting today, 17 brand new indicators are now available in the Candlestick Patterns menu:

  • Dark Cloud Cover and Piercing;
  • Morning Doji Star and Evening Doji Star;
  • Harami Cross (Bearish and Bullish);
  • Tweezer Bottom and Tweezer Top;
  • Rising Three Methods and Falling Three Methods;
  • Rising Window and Falling Window;
  • On Neck;
  • Upside Tasuki Gap and Downside Tasuki Gap;
  • Doji Star (Bullish and Bearish).

All of these indicators are written in Pine, our official scripting language. If you’d like to better understand our algorithm, or even configure it yourself and customize it to match your specific preferences, head over to the indicator’s source code and modify it from there.

To make it easier for you to search for multiple patterns at once, we’ve also created the *All Candlestick Patterns* indicator, which searches for all candlestick patterns available on TradingView. In its settings, you can choose which patterns you need and what signals (bullish or bearish) they should search for.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this update and are excited to use this new search-all indicator to help find your preferred candlestick patterns. As always, feel free to send your feedback and comments on this update. We value your suggestions and they often have a great influence on what we choose to produce next, so keep them coming.

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