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Moving multiple drawing objects quickly and accurately
Sep 21, 2022
Screener, Heatmap, News, and Snaps now in TradingView Desktop
Aug 18, 2022
Welcome Órama Investimentos — a newly integrated broker on TradingView
Aug 9, 2022
TradingView self-hosted libraries. Welcome version №22!
Aug 5, 2022
Restore everything with a new TradingView Desktop update
Aug 2, 2022
Applying templates to several same-type drawing tools at once
Jul 22, 2022
New chart type — High-Low
Jul 21, 2022
New chart layouts
Jul 20, 2022
Pine Script™ and charts become better acquainted
Jul 12, 2022
Dive into the world of Deep Backtesting (BETA)
Jun 27, 2022
A TradingView Desktop upgrade has landed — meet in-app theme management and customizable tabs
Jun 24, 2022
New chart type added: Columns
Jun 23, 2022