June 18, 2021

Privacy Settings

The importance of privacy in the modern world can hardly be overestimated. We are surrounded by laptops, smartphones, and every day we receive messages from complete strangers. Sometimes you just want to shut yourself off from all the spam, and immerse yourself in your favorite work. After all, there is nothing better than going headlong into trading — without any distractions.

So good news! The TradingView team can offer you this opportunity. 

In the profile settings on the Privacy and security tab, you can find the necessary settings:

You can turn off the ability to create new private chats with you:

By disabling this option, users with whom you have not yet created a private chat will not be able to write to you. Please note however, that users with whom you already have a private chat can continue to write to you.

If this seems a bit too radical or, on the contrary, not quite enough, then you can ignore individual users:

By clicking on the Ignored users list, a dialog will open in which you can add users to the ignored list. Users on this list will not be able to send you private messages, even if you have already created a chat with them. You will also not see their messages in public chats.

You will also not see comments from such users in published ideas and scripts — a good tool for filtering out inappropriate content.

We hope you find these improvements useful. Please do continue to share your opinions with us. We’re building TradingView for our users, and we always want to hear what you think about our innovations.

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