December 9, 2019

Private Script Publishing Now Available on TradingView

We’ve always let you publish private ideas and now, after hearing your requests, we’re bringing that same feature to scripts. You asked, we listened.

Starting today, you can publish private scripts that are:

  • not visible to other users on your profile;
  • not available in search;
  • not shown in the Public library;
  • not indexed in search engines.

Private scripts give you more control over the way your scripts are shared and seen. Keep them hidden from everyone or share them privately with a unique link. Just copy your private script link and share it with the people you want.

When you need to publish a private script, just switch the lock in the publication window:

We have been making efforts to maximize the Script Public Library’s value and prevent scripts from being published without a sufficient description or as explicit duplicates. This sometimes causes controversy with script authors and we will soon publish an additional post to clarify our position on this issue. In the meantime, this new feature gives you the ability to keep your scripts private or exempt from moderation.

Thank you for choosing TradingView! Please keep sending your feedback and suggestions.

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