October 23, 2019

The New Chart Legend Redesign

As you might have noticed, we’ve redesigned and added new features to our chart legend.

Here is what’s new:

1. Indicator/ticker symbol control buttons are now displayed on hover. They are easily accessible when needed and don’t take up a lot of precious space on your chart.

Legend buttons on hover

2. You can clean up your chart and remove legend details in seconds. Simply click on the arrow button to hide the names of all indicators on a chart.

3. The legend used to take up a lot of space on the chart, and removing it wasn’t really useful. Now lines are shorter, which makes it more compact. Long indicator names and values no longer overlap the chart.

To see all chart legend details as before simply turn on Wrap Text from the context menu (Right-click the legend -> Wrap Text).

Or from the chart settings dialog (Chart settings -> Status line -> Wrap Text).

4. A semi-transparent background for the chart legend makes it easy to read when shown on top of drawings.

You can adjust the chart legend background display in your chart settings (Chart settings -> Status line -> Background) as needed.

Thanks for choosing TradingView and we count on your valuable feedback. We take all suggestions seriously and take them into account. More updates to come!

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