September 10, 2019

Big news! TradeStation is now live: trade and manage your portfolio in real-time

At TradingView, our mission is to bring you as much actionable information as possible all in one place. Once you’ve identified a promising investment idea and want to trade it, the next step can be clunky and cumbersome — especially when markets are moving in real time…

Today we’re excited to announce the integration of TradeStation to TradingView to help traders seamlessly execute on their trade ideas. As promised three months ago, we’ve been working with the TradeStation team to set up all the different order types you want, and the data you need to make a sound decision, and we’re confident the rollout will be a huge value add to existing TradeStation customers as well as new and existing traders on TradingView.

The integration is now fully completed and you can start connecting your accounts to get the best of both worlds — an exceptional research and charting platform, and top-notch order execution across equities, futures, and other asset classes.

We’re super excited about this rollout, as it is an important milestone in our roadmap. We will continue to partner and work with trustworthy brokers and crypto exchanges to ultimately create the best experience for you. For those of you who have live or demo accounts with TradeStation, simply open the trading panel and log in!

For those of you who don’t — it’s time to take your trading to the next level and sign up. Start placing trades directly from your favorite charts!

Thanks for choosing TradingView and helping us build the best in class financial platform.

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