March 22, 2019

TradingView Launches Brand-New Financial Shows

Taking your education and entertainment to a whole new level, we’ve partnered with Real Vision to bring you a new, free video channel — “The Edge”. It’s a collaboration aimed at giving you the best advice from industry experts in a new format.

The Edge

We’ve also brought other shows by Real Vision to TradingView as well, so you can watch them without leaving your favorite hangout. All TradingView users with an upgraded plan have included access to 3 paid shows in addition to “The Edge” channel at no extra cost.

Who is Real Vision?

Think The Economist meets Ted Talks. It’s a young, yet established company that is designing and creating best-in-class programming that matches well with our state-of-the-art financial platform. Headquartered in NY, they have filmed shows with financial legends like Kyle Bass, Jim Rogers, Mark Cuban, Stanley F. Druckenmiller, Jim Chanos, Mike Steinhardt, Mike Novogratz and many others. Real Vision offers a new refreshing take on the markets and access to insights once reserved for professional traders and hedge fund managers.

TradingView Sessions

In addition to Real Vison’s shows we are glad to present TradingView Sessions. Crypto Beadles will be hosting the show where you can learn about cryptocurrencies, tools & strategies used by the most successful folks to navigate the financial markets.

We are going to add more shows in the future. Enjoy & stay tuned!

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