February 3, 2021
TradingView Lands in the World’s 100 Websites

Well, Viewers, what a journey we’ve been on together, haven’t we? And today marks the most important milestone in our travels together to date. The team woke up this morning and checked Amazon’s Alexa Rank to discover we’d finally done it – we’re one of the top 100 websites in the world. Rocketship TradingView has landed on the moon.

It’s actually pretty difficult to paint an accurate picture of just how big we’ve become, so we had a quick stab at framing ourselves against other well-known businesses (and countries).

– CNBC is #232 on the Alexa Rank list.

– Social network LinkedIn is #53 on the list, just 47 places ahead.

– Pinterest is ranked #146, 46 places behind.

– We’ve jumped over #200 places in a year.

– We receive over 4.5x more site visits a month than the UK’s Financial Times.

– We had 150M visitors last year, equivalent to just under half the population of the USA.

– We now have 15.5M registered accounts, which if we were a US state, would put us as the fifth largest, behind New York.

The biggest question left, of course, is where do we go from here? Well, as you’ve no doubt seen with GameStop recently, everyday people are becoming more and more powerful participants in the markets. As this wave swells, investors and traders naturally look for more tools, more information, and more of a network to not only find new opportunities, but also to discuss and enjoy their passion with others. So simply, we’ll continue to build the best home for them, to the best of our abilities. Always.

A big thank you again from all the team to every single Viewer out there. TradingView wouldn’t be half the place it is without you here. We love reading your inspiring ideas, incredibly detailed due diligence, lively debate, epic scripts, and pure charting creativity coming from you. Thank you. Please keep up all your feedback and comments – we need to hear them to make this the best place we can.

We’ve landed on the moon with the top 100. Now onto the stars.

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