March 22, 2022

Two big additions to TradingView’s market coverage

We’ve been hard at work recently, busy building brand new ways for you to get your market news and info. So it’s with great pleasure that we introduce you two new updates in this realm: video Snaps and our daily market newsletter! 

TradingView Snaps — if you’ve not seen them, these are our concise updates giving you the key facts about what’s been affecting a symbol’s price movements, designed to be read in 20 seconds or less. Covering stocks, indices and crypto, our focus is on the important stories you may have missed elsewhere. 

Video Snaps

Super squeezed for time? We’ve got you covered, with our newly launched weekly video round-up. In these fast-paced, short videos, we cover the stories we found most interesting and lay out all the essential facts you need to know. Have a watch below, and if you like what you see, make sure to like and subscribe so we can get a sense of how useful the content is to you. 

Daily Markets Email

If you simply can’t wait between video Snaps, then you can get our most important stories sent directly to your inbox every day of the working week by subscribing to our email newsletter. The act of signing up is super simple, just make sure you’re logged in and then follow this link. Easy. 

As with all of the stuff we do at TradingView, your input is super valuable to us. So please do let us know all your thoughts and comments as it’ll help guide us towards making even better content for you in the future.

Look first / Then leap. 

Team TradingView 

Look first / Then leap

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